Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Hospital Experience

Well, I thought I would tell a little about my recent (very recent) hospital stay at the lovely Tomball Hospital. Not that anybody really reads this -- but now I can say "What? You didn't see my blog?" when everyone complains that I didn't tell them about this little adventure. haha

So, Sunday night at about 10 pm I got this severe pain/cramping in my lower abdomen, sort of on the right side, but kind of all over. I suffered through the night and on into the morning. Even telling Chris to go ahead and go roping with some friends Monday morning. I'm kind of stubborn. :) So, a couple hours after he left, I realized the pain was going absolutely no where and I needed to get to the ER. I called the best mother-in-law in the whole world and so started my Labor Day adventure. The ER doctors ran tests for appendicitis at first and then kind of starting ruling that out. I did a CT Scan after I had to drink this horrible "fruit punch iodine cocktail" as they called it. Which, of course, I threw up almost a 1/2 of what I drank. Cassidy, my sister-in-law was amazing. She was there for the 4 times I puked that junk up. She was my trashcan holder and face wiper.

Eventually, they started thinking I had a cyst on my right ovary. So, they admitted me and moved me to a room. Shortly after, I went down for an ultrasound so they could get a better look at the cyst. After all that and a one night stay in the hospital, it turns out it was a cyst that had managed to rupture. The pain I was in was from the bleeding and fluid from the rupture. Basically, my body will/has reabsorbed all that. Apparently, it is not uncommon for women to have small cysts and sometimes they do rupture like mine did. I go to my regular gynecologist next week, so I am sure I will have more information and questions answered then. I wasn't impressed with the gynecologist on call at the hospital and I knew I was seeing mine really soon, so I didn't go into a bunch of details with him. I expect to know more this time next week.

Anyway, that's my adventure! I'm taking tomorrow off again to just kind of rest (as most of you probably know, there is no sleeping through the night at the hospital -- vitals, blood drawn, empty and beeping IV bags) and to make sure everything is pretty much back to normal.