Sunday, June 22, 2008


i have a new laptop! after putting it off for a very long time (after this happened), i could no longer stand it. i had to strike a deal with my dad to swing it, but luckily i have the best daddy in the world and he helped me work it out. so far, i'm liking it. i desperately wanted a macbook, but i abandoned that dream in the reality of affording something in the very near future. so, i went with another hp. i really liked my hp and had no problems until chris spent a day with it and... well... let's just say it was never the same. although -- i should have attempted a repair long before i did -- had i done that, it may have been salvaged. oh well. so, here i am with the vista operating system. hopefully, that doesn't ruin my excitement over my new laptop...

vbs photos

just a few photos from vbs 2008. hopefully more coming as others post their own photo galleries.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just fyi...

312 VBS kids and 100 volunteers have not killed me... yet.

we're having a great week. so far, good feedback on all things. hopefully photos will be coming... oh and kim and i are having a blast with the walkie talkies... the unfortunate others with radios are probably regretting the fact that we were put in charge, therefore earning us this privilege.

Friday, June 13, 2008

vacation bible school

i have had many things going on the past couple months. a few changes. and just a lot of busyness. one of those things is directing vacation bible school at my church -- tomball bible church -- this year. i'm directing with a friend of mine, kim. we've had a lot of fun and we're really excited about next week. we've made a few changes -- hopefully for the better. and we have a fun ongoing skit for every morning. our stage looks great. the music is awesome. our coordinators are mostly under control as far as their workers go. rooms are decorated. copies of various activities and bonus verses have been run. things are going pretty well. but, please pray for us next week. this is the biggest children's outreach that we do. tbc is kinda known as being one of the best vbs programs in the area. having said all this -- if you think of me next week, please pray:

  • for patience -- i lack patience, especially when i'm tired and hot or when i think something is already clear enough.
  • to make quick and wise decisions when needed.
  • the ability to take care of the needs -- seen and unseen -- of our volunteers.
  • for a great turnout of community kids, as well as our own tbc kids.
  • to bring children to know Jesus and to foster a relationship with him.
  • for all of us to be well -- satan has been working on some of us, physically!
  • to appreciate all the work going into this week from all of our volunteers -- even when their attitudes make me want to scream.

and if by chance you are reading this and want to bring your children, your neighbor's children, or just some random kids you pick up off the street -- go to our website and register those little darlings! i promise they will have a blast. and i shall update next week with all the fun (and maybe some not so fun) that occurs. if you're lucky -- i'll include some photos... :)