Friday, September 28, 2007

i am so not good at this...

yep. here i am again. at loss for words becuase i haven't written on here in so long. sigh. i'm just not good at keeping up with this. that or i never have anything interesting to report! i think it's the latter. okay. maybe it's both.

i'm coming up on the last bit of the first six weeks at school. i'm so surprised at how quickly it has gone by! i'm not sure if it's because i've had a student teacher or if life at hildebrandt is just more relaxed and less stressful this year. i'll be sad to see my student teacher go. it's been really nice having an extra adult body in the room all the time. it really helps to have someone there to back me up when i have to run to the bathroom or check my mailbox or track down someone i need to talk to. but, alas, she will be leaving me october 5th.

our a/c unit finally gave up for the last time. we had been babying it along for several months, lately. last thursday, it just up and died. we had a friend that owns an a/c company come out and look at it and he suggested we go ahead and replace both the outside unit and the attic unit. they had lasted their 25 years and were pretty much toast. so 5 days and a few thousand dollars later, we are nice and cool again. thankfully, our friend that's staying with us had a window unit, so we were at least cool at night.

i'm a deer lease widow this weekend. chris "had" to take some guys out to the company deer lease for an elk hunt this weekend. i'm sure it's just a devasting thing for him. ha.

i'm headed out tomorrow for a busy day. i need to get my oil changed (kinda overdue on that), scout out some craft shows (hopefully get some vendors for our church's fall festival), pick up my contacts, and hit the mall for a couple things. i'll probably be driving in circles. :) oh, and grocery shop. and get dog food. the list goes on...