Monday, April 28, 2008

you know what bugs me?

and my true friends know that this is a very dangerous question... ;)

but, seriously...

i was on myspace earlier and looking at random people's pages (not neccessarily ones on my friends list -- so don't go stalk them and figure out who i'm talking about -- i'm speaking in general terms here). i am really annoyed by the vulgar, profane, and generally disgusting graphics, phrases, backgrounds, etc (and i'm talking about the extreme stuff here -- the "f" word repeatedly, suggestive photos, vulgar comments, etc). but, you know what is worse? the ones that then post under their "about me" section how they are "Christians" and "Jesus is my hero!" and "I love God!".

now, we all know that i'm not a perfect person. and i don't pretend to be on my myspace page (or anywhere for that matter -- i'll be the first one to tell you that anyday). and i laugh at my share of off color things, i mean let's be real -- some of it is darn funny. but, it really bugs me at the number of people i saw with really offensive junk on their page and then they talk about how God is number one in their life. basically -- if you're going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk.

so, that's my vent for the evening. you can all relax now. i'm done. for now, anyway.

Friday, April 18, 2008

only in tomball...

so, i went to target this evening. my first priority when i got there was the bathroom. i desperately needed to go. of course 3 of the 4 stalls are full and the 4th is "out of order". sigh. so, i stand by the paper towel dispenser praying i don't pee all over myself -- i mean, i seriously needed to go. i had drank a dr pepper on the way home from work and then about 3 glasses of iced tea at dinner... so i was dying. anyway, i'm impatiently waiting... and finally a door opens. out walks this woman with a pregnancy test in her hand. yes, folks, that's right -- a pregnancy test. i'm sure my mouth was hanging open at this point. in fact, i almost forgot that i needed to pee so badly. i mean, how random is that?! so, she smiles at me, says hi, and wraps her test up in a tissue, sets it on the shelf above the sink and washes her hands. meanwhile, i'm still standing there, because the woman in stall #2's little girl decides she's done waiting on her mom and needs her own stall. so, she beligerantly stares at me (okay, maybe i imagined that -- i was in pain by this point) while she waltzes in to my stall. ugh!! finally, it was my turn and i quickly got out of there. i texted amanda afterwards to tell her my story and as she eloquently put it "only in tomball".