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so, apparently it's been a year since I last wrote. wow. I seriously had trouble for a few seconds figuring out how to start a new post. haha.

Sometimes I figure Facebook does a good enough job updating my friends on my life. But, I think some of you that (used to) read my blog may be missing some stuff? Though you probably gave up on this blog a long time ago...

So a quick catch up.

~ my girls' Bible study
~ THE MOVE to Illinois
~ Lost and Found Ministries
~ a new Ford Escape!
~VBS planning and Summer planning begins

I'll try not to ramble too much about the above items, but I needed a bit of a list to hit the highlights. :) And, yes, my list is random and out of order. Much like I live my life. Does this surprise anyone? I think not. :)

~ my girls' Bible study ~
I've taken on the role of Bible study leader for the 9th and 10th grade girls in our high school youth group. Last semester was my first go at it and we've continued on this semester. I'm solo leading it because we simply couldn't find a second person that fit well with what we needed. Turns out that's been good. Our youth group is still growing, but for some reason this age group for girls is small. Only 4 or 5 regular attenders small. ha. the 11th and 12th grade girls is nearly 30 strong, and our incoming 8th grade group is HUGE. but... these current 9th and 10th girls? small. and only 3 of them actually attend study. but they are faithful. :) We're a flexible group. We meet at church, at Chick-fil-A, at Starbucks... Wherever we feel like we want to go that week. This semester we're studying Discipline The Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot. The girls are mostly enjoying it, though sometimes it's hard for their age to relate to the examples Elliot lays out.

~THE MOVE to Illinois ~
So, mom and I have finally convinced dad to move back to Illinois. That's the short story version. :) Mom and I have been ready to go back to our family and our roots in Illinois for years. And we finally got dad on board around Thanksgiving 2009. Well, sometimes he's on board and sometimes we're dragging him along the tracks next to us. ;) It's a semi-slow process though. First, we have to sell our land in Trinity and the house near Tomball. Everything is on the chopping block to be sold. I created a website to sell the land, house, and equipment, furniture, etc that we don't want to move for reasons of convenience or just because it's time to let them go. It would be nice to wrap this all up over the summer and move then, but like I said -- everything has to be sold first! We've had some interest in both the house and the land. It's possible we have our buyers, but we're not holding our breath quite yet. Also on my plate is a job search! I've applied to the state board in Illinois for my teaching certificate. I would imagine they will be issuing me a provisional certificate and give me a year to complete some type of requirement of some kind. I should be hearing from them any day on that. When that gets settled, I can start applying seriously.

~ Lost and Found Ministries ~
Last May, I joined the board as secretary for a ministry founded by my cousin, Teri Rae, in 2006. Lost and Found Ministries is a non-profit ministry that is currently focused on short term mission trips, domestic and abroad. The basis for the ministry is 2 Corinthians 2:14-17. You are welcome to become a Facebook fan. ;) Currently, we are in a holding pattern as we wait for some things to line up in a red tape sort of way. But, we meet weekly via chat on Google and talk. Ah, modern technology! ;) We are also studying Fearless by Max Lucado as a team.

~ a new Ford Escape! ~
It was time to trade in my F150. It was starting to give me a few problems and it was certainly the gas guzzler. I was not impressed with the idea of going to a car size vehicle, yet I had to be frugal with what a chose. I needed better gas mileage and lower payments (which would include a rollover from the fact I was upside down on my truck). I would have loved to get another Jeep Cherokee. Or to look at Toyota 4Runners. But... they were out of my price range. The Ford Escape seemed to fit my needs. It's like a mini Explorer. The only downside I see is the limited leg room in the backseat, but really -- what do I care, I don't ride back there! ;) And the big pluses? Lower payments, lower insurance, and better gas mileage means I'm saving a little bit in three areas, making a much happier bank account! ;) So, meet my new Escape:

~ VBS planning and Summer planning begins ~
Yes, you read that correctly. Year number 3 of directing VBS is upon me. I'll be working with the youth pastor on the 5th and 6th grade program this year. Last year, we split those kids off from the younger kids giving them a VBS that fit their age a bit better. It went really well last year, so we're doing it again! I co-directed with my friend Kim last year and she is staying on to direct with the children's pastor over the younger group. So VBS planning is about to be in full swing. Elsewhere this summer, I plan on an Omaha trip which will include a quick weekend in Missouri to meet with the other two LaF board members. The Omaha trip will probably be a short one, (hopefully at least 2 weeks though) at the end of June, and then it will be back to the heat of Texas to hopefully pack, pack, pack!

And I think that wraps up the most excitement around here. I shall try to update more often. perhaps an entire year won't pass by this time before I venture into a blog post. Considering this is a marathon post and if you've made it this far, I am seriously impressed! :)

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