Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I'm Loving -- Edition 2

I think it's time for another What I'm Loving post!

Up first -- got2b smooth operator smoothing lotion (click what's new, then smooth operator).  I looooove this stuff! 
I was previously using another brand of serum that promised to help hair stay straight and frizz free.  However, I recently received a sample of got2b's smooth operator and tried it out.  At first, I thought the scent was a little much, but honestly it has grown on me and I really like it now, especially when I randomly catch a whiff of it throughout the day.  Smooth operator makes my hair incredibly soft and silky, keeps my hair from flyaway frizz, helps protect my hair from heat damage, but the very best part?  My hands are not sticky at all after I work it through my hair!  Even after washing my hands with soap and water when using the old product, I would still feel a little sticky sometimes... Not so with this stuff!  My only complaint?  It comes in a pump bottle that does not screw back down into a closed position.  I travel so much that this is a really big deal for me.  I just took this product in two (one being extremely long) car trips and one flight and managed to not have even one mishap with it (despite my eye makeup remover dousing several shirts!), however, I would imagine I'm extremely lucky to not have had the pump spout pushed around and leaking by the time I reached my individual destinations.
**Via BzzAgent and a BzzCampaign, I received a sample of got2b smooth operator as well as coupons for a free full size product.  I was not otherwise compensated, nor was I required to write this particular review.**

On to my next big find -- I have never ever been so excited about a hair accessory.  See, I have thin hair.  So, 99% of hair accessories either A) don't work for me or B) look ridiculous.  Ponytails look kinda silly on me because I have like 10 strands of hair, so they just look limp and lifeless.  I have always wanted to toss my hair up in a messy bun and be done with it and no product has ever let me do that.  Sticking 25 bobby pins in thin hair doesn't do much for a simple look either.  Enter my trip to Walgreens one Saturday in May.  I went down the hair aisle just to see what they had and discovered Goody had a new product: Spin Pins.  Yes, I was skeptical.  No, I did not want to spend 6 bucks on a product that probably was going to get buried in my bathroom drawer along with a dozen other hair items.  But, in a moment of optimism, I grabbed them.  WOW!  Am I impressed.  Goody claims that the Spin Pin does the work of 20 bobby pins.  I believe it!  It securely holds even my limp hair in a nice, yet loose / kinda messy bun.  The pins look like a really long bobby pin shaped into a double corkscrew.  It's so easy to twist my hair in a bun, screw in the first pin through the top, then I screw in the second pin from the bottom.  I do have to add one sometimes two regular bobby pins to capture a few flyaways, but I'm cool with that.  I've worn my hair in a bun for the past several weeks.  I seriously think I may wear my hair this way for the rest of summer!  Spin Pins come in brunette and blonde; I have the brunette one simply because that was all Walgreens had; however it still blends in my blonde hair.  I'm really excited to try the Modern Updo Maker pin as well.
Here's my hair after a 10 hour day in one of the first days I used the pins.  Never would my hair hold up like this with just bobby pins!  A little wispy, but not bad!  I've gotten better and find that I can easily get my hair up in seconds.  This is a big deal for me!  Once and awhile my hair is honery and it takes a couple tries, but I'm always successful!  Excuse the bad lighting and therefore blurry photo...

This dress. So who wants to buy the pattern and make the dress for me?  I'll take those patterns/colors on the fabric, too.  Thanks.  ;)  I don't know if I'm brave enough to tackle it myself... But I'm loving the maxidress trend that's popular right now and I love the hippie/patchwork vibe on this dress!  hmmm.  Maybe I'll get brave and order the pattern myself to try.  ;)


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